Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This one goes out to the Nonna

As Sebastian knew, and mentioned, how we should definitely show his Nonna these pictures while I was taking them. Of course, she would be delighted to see him in the kitchen.

This summer, I told Sebastian last week, he would spend at least one day a week in the kitchen, preparing a meal for the family.

He poured over a recipe book and wrote out a menu. We shopped for ingredients for a couple of meals yesterday together and tonight, he put together his first real feast. Almost totally solo. I guided, and helped with a couple of the trickier tasks like dumping boiling water etc, but he did the majority.

It was DELISH! Restaurant quality Shrimp Scampi over Angel Hair pasta. (although we couldn't find gluten free angel hair so it was really just brown rice spaghetti).

Can't wait for his next dish!


debra said...

Oh Yum!!! Sebastian i love the way you presented the meal...it looks like you are enjoying what you are doing, and it looks like you are really enjoying it as well....i cannot wait for you to cook me that meal when i visit next. One very proud Nonna here...love youxxx

Peter said...

Way to go Sebastian, looks great. Can you mail some over for me. Love from Pop.

Debra said...

just having another peek....love you so much....i was wondering what you are dreaming up for your next meal for the family xxx:)