Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another picture heavy update...

Since pictures tell more than I can with my minimal time to type....
Here is a mish mash of the last monthish.

Dogs and kitties love each other these days. I often catch them sharing food and snuggling in the sun together.

Easter! Juniper is a little clothes horse these days and picks most of her own attire each day. On easter, she picked an especially pixieish outfit, silk cape and all.

We went to Arbor Hills and hid eggs along the path to the educational pavilion up the back where not many people go. The children were with their Grandma and had no idea what Chad and I were doing. It was a fun surprise for them. We were even luckier this day as it was muddy at the beginning of the path and Plano-ites are afraid of awful dirty things like....wet earth. So we had the path and tables to ourselves, and it was lovely.

This is a cute shot of some good dads erecting a new play set at our friend's new house. The kids were being cute and "helping" so I snapped a shot.

Juniper, again with the clothes horse thing, got this excited when given a box of hand-me-down clothing from some girls we love. I dumped the box onto her bedroom floor and she launched herself right on top of the pile.


This is one of the daily outfit choices. Why can't I get away with dressing like this?

Making a MOOOOO sound when I asked her what the purple horse says. haha

Yossarian saying "Ta-Da!" about his new surfer wetsuit from Nonna for his birthday.
Speaking of birthdays!! Yossarian just turned FOUR! And he requested a Mario party for his birthday. I had planned on it being an outdoors event, full of fun and games. But....it rained. So we, along with about 45 guests, were stuck in the house. It was mostly fine, just a little cramped! A couple games were weren't able to play as they were messy stuff that would only work outside. Oh well. I didn't get many pictures either, but we made a chomp-chomp pinata, a Bowser's castle cake, Yoshi hardboiled eggs, star power fruits and cheeses, radish mushroom 1-ups, question mark block rice krispie treats, played pin the mustache on Mario, and we bought Yossarian a Mario costume to wear on the day but he arrived late and got a big shock seeing all the people here and became very shy. He's lived in it since, and yet I haven't gotten a pic!

Caught sneaking onto the table like a little squirrel and downing fistfuls of blue sugar from the cake plate. haha!


debra said...

hmmm...where to start...juniper the little clothes horse...so sweet!! just like her nonna (the clothes i mean, but yeah sweet still..hee hee) those pics of the boys..so different...sebastian looking the young man, yossi the endearing one for ever, up to evil )collecting sugar stores) good to see he has the edge on that (sweetness that is)..juniper looks absolutely adorable in her easter choice...love those babies of yours.xx and you

Beth said...

What are you talking about? You were wearing leg warmers and a bare butt today. That's where she learned it!

Great stuff! Glad to be a part of a lot of it!