Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspired to update...

for the three people who read this.
since november?
well, we got some snow....and then it snowed some more.i think after that it snowed again.
and again.and then when we thought surely all the snow had come and gone, it snowed once more.
in the meanwhile, my sister came over in december, stayed with us for 6 weeks. it rocked.

we got kittens right before xmas. they're brothers - merlin, and gandalf. they are almost identical but we can tell them apart. they are about the sweetest cats ever ever.

juniper is talking. about everything. all the time. her favourite words are doggy, kitty, paci, mummy, daddy, and yucky. it's especially cute when she says "mmm yum yum yum" and smacks her lips.
we bought a camper trailer! it's a hi-lo towlite and it is FABULOUS.

we are in love. she will take us many places in the next few years but her pièce de résistance will be when she takes us to our new home, in Oregon, or wherever we shall land. pretty much everything is leading up to that these days.it seems like it's all we talk, eat, sleep and breathe. Oregon. Oregon.i feel it in my bones. everywhere i look, it's calling to me.

our maiden voyage was a long weekend to daingerfield state park over spring break and everything went pretty smoothly. i don't think any of us really wanted to pack up and come home. or if we did, only to refine what we do and don't need and then head out on the road again.
gypsies, the lot of us.

here are some pictures...

so school is back in now, 10ish weeks left until summer. woohoo summer.


Beth said...

Love it all.

debra said...

Sooooo much to comment on. Firstly i wish you blogged more often..to see what you are all doing in pics is soo....real. Yeah i know, you do send me pics! Our babies are all having so much fun, so relaxed, so 'at peace'. Is beautiful to see. Little Juniper, little 'hunter gatherer'. Sebastian and Yossarian, brothers, venturers, on a journey together, my heart swells when i sit gazing at the pics of them together. The family shots make me feel so proud of you and Chad and how hard you have worked and grown together. The Hi-Lo is your next best investment, besides your family, that is. And i adore the pics of you and Bea together. Love you all ...xxxxx

debra said...

missing those little people, everyone's enjoying the fishing huh? how's junipers' sweet little scrunched up smile...too darn cutexx