Friday, October 1, 2010

OMG haven't updated since june

Well, i'm sure plenty has happened.
And you won't be privvy to any of it.
Except the following:

Sebastian got an early birthday present that almost made him cry. His busted the week before bicycle rodeo which is the most anticipated school day of the year for him.

Then Juniper turned **TWO**!!!
Yesterday. And we had our family and Juniper's girlfriends over for cake. And also a couple kids were here that I was babysitting, so they joined in on the fun, too. Lucky them!

I made a sugar free (stevia) white bean cake with hibiscus flower frosting, and then decorated it with beet sugar crystals and carob chips to look like a ladybug which is what Juniper requested.
It suited everyone's crazy food needs. haha!

I also made her a ladybug costume but she took it off before the camera came out.
She'll be wearing that for Halloween so no worry.


Nicole said...

Wow, amazing, two?!! Happy birthday!

Debra said...

Hey gorgeous 2 year old. I just saw all the men in your life in those pics. Sebastian and yossarian looks and dads brow...lucky girl!! Fab mummy too for making you such a beautiful and i bet yummy cake. I noticed you like the new clothes too huh?? Girls have gotta have new clothes..happy birthday sweet girl..i hope my extra little envelope arrives soon. And congrats to sebastian on his new bike..:)xxx

Debra said...

btw look great :)x