Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Juniper in her first swim suit. Yossarian picked it all by himself. Sebastian said she needs a bikini. I think she looks just perfect!

Mmm, dirt.

Eating waffles for breakfast!

Worms that decided to come and reproduce on our patio after a ton of rain! eeww! We put them in the freshly tilled spring garden beds.

Weird mycelia in my front garden. It exudes a sticky inky substance from it's caps. It's really freaking cool. Yes, that is Chad's ugly hand.

All dressed up for my BFF Annie's Graduation party. So proud of her! My MIL cut off my awesome metallic gold pumps.

The hairpiece I made. It's actually cooler than it looks here but again, MIL didn't quite capture the whole picture.


Peter said...

Hey Amba, nice photos. Looks as if Juniper stole Sebastian's waffle & made him a bit grumpy about it. Amba, you & Chad look good for the party. I had to look up what MIL stood for. A bit slow.
Love from Dad

Debra said...

ha ha ...Sebastian is going to be a ladies man or just a good stylist...:) Juniper looks very happy in her cosy..how adorable..not too sure if the dirt will become her fave past time...you look fantastic!!!! chad too....would have loved to see the pumps...keep up the hard work girl...you are going great xxx

Debra said...

and those stockings are sensational...love them....:)
and Yossi has great taste too, that cosy is just her ! :)

Cami said...

WOWZA!! You guys look hott!!! LOve the hairpiece,

Carmen said...

Wonderful PICS!!!! I absolutely love Junipers little cossie- it is so cute (and girly). Trent and I are really looking forward to spending time with you, Chad and the three little ones -not so little anymore- Sebastian.

We both can't believe how fast they are all growing up and really do miss seeing that.
Hope that your family continues to be healthy, happy and look forward to sharing time together soon with you all. Lots of love xxxx

Krysta said...

OMG, Juniper is so big and so drop-dead-gorgeous!
The outfit turned out to be fabulous!