Thursday, September 3, 2009


Dropped it in a big way again huh?

Here is what happened:
Went to Australia over summer, came back, discovered that i new my medium for all this time and starting using it for once, go here to see what i'm talking about:
Sebastian started 2nd grade, Yossarian got all his hair cut off by his request (oh melancholy day) and starts a very short (2.5 hrs on two days a week) program at a senior high school childhood development center next week, and Juniper is about to turn ONE!


Here are some random pictures from just recently:

New hair!

First day of Second grade:

Juniper has lots of new tricks. Like sitting in the dog water bowl. Yum.

Climb on anything she possibly can, no thought to the almost certain doom she faces if she were to fall backward. She laughs in the face of danger - Hah hah! (yes, I did run for the camera before making sure she was safe).

Yossarian and Olivia playing dress-up.
Blackmail material for the years to come. *snicker*

My sweet darling precious angelic daughter in her first real Halloween costume. Last year she was 4 weeks old and slept in a carrier the whole time. This year the whole family is theming it up as Alice in Wonderland characters, thanks to my mummy who bought this perfect little Alice dress in a thrift shopping trip!

I am going to add a blue satin sash around the middle, as there are loops already for it.


Susan said...

Great pictures, great update!

Debra said... darling is she in her Alice dress....Sebastian looks very happy to be heading back to school. I hope he has a great year...How much older does Yossarian look...heading for the

Kandice said...

Love the back to school pictures!
And oh my. My my my. J looks simply adorable!

Beth said...

LOL about running for the camera before making sure she was safe!