Tuesday, May 19, 2009

oops, i dropped the ball

Not like I didn't foresee that happening though right?

Here are some updates and cute things:

Juniper - She is 7.5 months old now. She crawls. She has 2 bottom teeth and some top ones on their slow and steady way.
She says "Amba" clear as day. She waves bye bye with vigour. She is smitten with our dogs, and her brothers. But mainly Sebastian since Yossarian likes to make her angry.

Yossarian - Turned 3 and overnight transformed into a stereotypical 3 year old, complete with tantrum throwing, an iron will and mean little words and fingers. We will keep him though. He's still the coolest little hippy dude on the block.

Sebastian - Is about to graduate 1st grade. He has his first piano recital next week. He is playing 4 songs. I will be sure to record it.
Today while doing his homework Yossarian bumped his arm and he said "Man, Yossarian, you made my "M" look like I farted on it". Cracked me up.

Also the other night at the grocery store I said we had to hurry because they were about to close. Sebastian quips - "oh well, we'll just camp in it and steal all the food to eat". I respond, "Sounds fun, and then you'll go to jail". Sebastian responds "You might go to jail but I won't. I'll go to Juvie".

Chad went on a camping trip with brother and father to Lake Tahoe. They were gone 4 days. It was fun for them. Sucked boogers for me. haha

I will post again in a moment with some great pictures from the past month or two.

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Debra said...

Oh Sebastian...what a scream...he must keep the family in laughs huh? Yossarian...am i looking forward to your visit....hmmm..perhaps he'll be different at Nonna's. I guess we can hope..:) We were wondering what words Juniper was saying ...how sweet..:)
Man am i looking forward to lots of cuddles from all :) xx