Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ahhh, Sebastian...

What do I say about my first child? The one who made me a mother. The one who has both lifted me up in joy and broken my heart in almost equal amounts over the years.
Thankfully, the joy is still tipping the scales.
But boy, has this child taught me, and challenged me and frustrated me and hurt me and made me who I am today.

I've thought about this for weeks. Even before I started writing the Yossarian post. I still have no idea, so I'm going to go with stream-of-consciousness and see where that takes me. I think it might be the only way.

He is another child of mine who is showing to be very true to his sign. He is a Scorpio. And he is very possibly the most emotionally and physically passionate person I have ever had the privilege of knowing.
Fiesty, steadfast, gutsy, endowed with a snake's fierce and venomous tongue, this boy is the KING-OF-THE-WORLD!

He has these crushingly deep clear lake blue eyes that many young girls have already been lost in.

He reels you in, this one. He catches you with a glance and then casts you away with a sigh. No one has pierced his titanium shell, yet.

Sebastian's teacher has shared with me that all his classmates beg to be his partner when it's time to buddy up and he does his best to be diplomatic, and share himself around. People are so easily attracted to him. He's an Alpha, and the other kids just adore him.

It's so hard to get to know him. I struggle with this even as the one person who has known him the very longest, and dearest. We share a thread no one else ever has or will ever share but it doesn't mean I am anymore privy to his innermost.
I know there is so much that goes on in his heart and head that will be locked away in there forever.

I worry for him, as he grows, for I know he is going to be easily overcome with the trials childhood and adolescence will throw at him. As he breaks other hearts, his heart too will be broken. Shattered more likely. But he will withstand, and conquer. Not without a fair dose of agony, but eventually.

Sebastian is the opposite of both of his parents. He is Left brained. Both Chad and I are right.
Sebastian, from a young age, grasped numbers, counting, and things pertaining to science with ease.
I still can't count without using my fingers.

He loves sports, he is athletic. I can't even catch a ball.

It's a constant daily experiment, being his parent. But it keeps me on my toes, being stimulated to think outside the box, to evaluate what he needs, what works best for him. It's not easy altering your own perception of the world to best see it from another view. Sometimes, it's downright tortuous.

He wants to be a "space man". And I hope he hangs on to these dreams. I want to see him do something awesome. Something really out of the ordinary.

He is a loving little boy. He adores his sister (who just lights up for him more than for ANYONE else), and is a typical brother to Yossarian. I see them being good buddies in the years to come, when Yossarian matures a little more.

He's so young. His soul is brand new. Although he believes he came from somewhere else first. He believes he was dead before this life, and that he'll die and be born again as something fresh. He enjoys going to church and then coming home and telling us exactly why he doesn't believe in the God fairytale. I commend him for that. I commend him for having the tenacity to stand up and say no way to his authority figures. I commend him for telling me that his teacher is wrong when she very technically told him that "not everything is possible".

I hope and pray that one day, Sebastian will get beyond our little galaxy.


Debra said...

mmm...hmmm....a special little soul indeed...true he is passionate and adamant and BREAKS easily..he has a heart of gold..xx

Peter said...

Hey Amba you have to let Sebastian know that one of your Grandfathers nephews, Philip Kenyon Chapman was the first Australian astronaut and was with NASA for quite a few years. Get him to google the name and there should be a photo.