Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I thought it only fair...

To at least give my other children a post of their very own in light of Juniper's dedication.

So, I wrote some of the following on a message board last week and figured it a good jumping off point to talk about my middle child.

My Yossarian.
I have a pretty strong connection with this little soul I think. I can relate to him. Maybe it's a middle child thing?

He is not as young as his earthly years might have you believe.
He will be three in April.
But his soul is well traveled.
You can see that in his eyes, and it's mimicked in most of his actions.

He is a Taurus, through and through. Bullheaded. He is Stubborn, Strong, and Determined.
He will not, under any circumstances be fooled, conned, or reasoned with.
Reason doesn't exist in his world. He relies on pure instinct and whim.
There is only one truth and that is his own.
He does not follow rules, and is absolutely unapologetic for that.
He will look me in the eye and tell me clearly what he'll do instead, with such strong conviction that all I know how to do is shrug my shoulders and let him be.

Who am I to knock that determination?
No one, that's who.

Funny thing is - I thought Sebastian was spirited when he was little.
That's a laughable thought, these days.
Yossarian has taken that title and claimed it as his very own.

Beyond all that though he's the most openly giving of love little kid I've ever known. He GUSHES over all of us, lavishes us with his affection. We get passionate kisses and hearty embraces daily, out of the blue, which is the best kind. I never have to ask. He knows when is the best time to smother me - usually when I am angry or distracted or stressed or absolutely not expecting it. Always perfectly timed by him.

He will do wonderful things in his life. He will make art and love. He will dance to street music and appreciate little things, like warm bread and soft leather.

Most importantly, he will not surrender.


Beth said...

Beautiful, Amba. I wish I knew how to write about my children that way. I feel it in my heart, but have no idea how to put it into words. Well done.

That last pic looks exactly like you, by the way.

Debra said...

The epitome of all the above...:)
Yossi...Nonna dearly loves you, exactly as you are.xx

Debra said...

where are you.........we want more!x

Kandice said...

Beautiful.....simply beautiful.